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Atkins Paving Faq

How long does it take for concrete to set?

Dependent on temperature, mix specification and other factors, it generally takes 2 to 4 hours for the initial set. After 24 hours, the concrete should be completely dry, depending on the cement type, and the presence of retardants or accelerators.

When is it too cold or too hot
to pour concrete?

Concrete will not set when the concrete temperature is below 35F. With heated water and aggregates, accelerating admixtures and other methods, jobs can be poured at temperatures below freezing, but it is more expensive. In North and South Carolina, there are very few days where the temperature falls below freezing and rescheduling is a better option.

High temperatures of 90F and above can cause concrete to set faster. High temperatures also reduce the strength of concrete. Other factors such as high winds and humidity can further complicate matters. These problems can be avoided by proper planning, timing of the finishing operations and proper use of retarding admixtures.

How should I clean my driveway?

Regular brushing with a stiff brush is the best way to keep the surface clean. Treatment with a weed killer annually will minimize the vegetation growths during the year.

Oil Stains - If oil has leaked onto the surface, then the excess oil should be dusted with an absorbent powder and then brushed off - never rub in the stain. The resulting oil stain can then be cleaned using an emulsifier to lift out the oil surface. Finally, the area should be washed with a detergent solution and then rinsed thoroughly.

Chewing Gum - To remove chewing gum, first use a freezing agent on the gum, and then scrape it off.

Rust Stains - It is recommended that the area affected be scrubbed with a hard or wire brush to remove the worst of the stain.